Avmost.com Clay County Courier Narratives 1953 19721953Recent real estate sales locally included the Long Lake area south of Corning purchased from T. M. Caldwell and L. J. Schultz of Caruthersville by Vernon Presson Kennett farmer and businessman. Also included in the transaction were 50 acres formerly owned by Finnis White and 80 acres owned by James R. Moore of Caruthersville. The total of 549 acres changing title included Long Lake about 80 acres four cabins and boats located three miles south of Corning and on the southwest side of the lake and formerly operated as a fishing resort by Mr. Caldwell. Caldwell purchased the lake and acreage around it 14 years ago later selling an interest to Schultz Total price for the 549 acres and lake resort to Mr. Presson was 17500.The two bandits who boldly robbed the Farmers and Merchants Bank at Reyno last Tuesday morning apparently made a complete getaway taking 33090 with them. Arkansas State Police said the 33090 loot took in the holdup was the largest in the history of Arkansas crime and that bank robbers had obtained only 96000 in the last 15 Arkansas bank robberies. This was the second robbery of the Reyno bank in the recent months. On August 20 two men obtained 17414 in a holdup at the bank.Corning will have the newest type dial telep

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Free webcam xxx pregnant Chataignes Virginia Gazetteer and Classified Business Directory 1888 1889Business and IndustryNew River History and Genealogy Discussion GroupFor discussion of history and genealogy of the New River Valley of North Carolina and Virginia you are welcomed to join the New River History and Genealogy Discussion Group.WhatsNewJanuary 21 2014After about two years of work we have completed a major upgrade to New River Notes. On January 21 2014 we switched in the last of the updated files and final page revisions.In January 2013 we introduced the new site layout but because there were many pages left to do there was a big red Under Construction on the front page. A year later weve finished all of the pages that were on the original site. Construction is complete. We have a great looking site full of material to help you in your research and possibly entertain you.Were not finished. A site like this cant just freeze in time. It must be maintained .... January 6 2013New River Notes a leading genealogy resource for the New River Valley of North Carolina and Virginia launched its new look website today.New River Notes was originally launched in 1998 by Jeffrey C. Weaver providing New River Valley researche